Boris Johnson is the worst Prime Minister EVER!

Boris Johnson is disgraceful buffoon and the worst Prime Minister the UK has ever had.

Current polls are indicating that Boris Johnson has the worst approval rating in the WORLD because of his rubbish handling of the COVID 19 crisis.

Thanks to Boris Johnson’s garbage leadership and the moronic advice of his scientific and medical advisors thousands of people have needlessly died, millions have lost their livelihoods and many more are suffering dire physical and mental health problems because of the lockdown.

The lockdown was simply too little too late and has not got rid of covid-19 because Boris Johnson failed take the threat of covid 19 seriously. Chief medical officer Chris Whitty also made sure that lockdown was delayed so that covid 19 was spread as much a possible making it almost impossible to get rid of.

For months now more people have been dying of covid 19 each day than the rest of Europe combined. Yet the government is still choosing to ease lockdown.

Easing of lockdown is simply a ploy by the government to make it look as though they have got control of the virus. But the truth is that covid 19 hasn’t gone away and is it still in general circulation. Even now as the government start to ease lockdown the Chief Medical Advisor Chris shitty is already talking about plans for a second lockdown in winter and that we will be living with this virus for a long time to come. Instead of eliminating the virus the government is choosing to live with it under a “new normal” until a vaccine is found… even if this new normal does more damage than good.

This new normal will simply keep the virus in circulation for as long as possible ruining more and more lives and the government seems happy with that.

The government and the advisors have seriously messed up.

We are now in total limbo. The virus is still out there. People cannot get proper treatment at hospitals and in some cases their illness are turning terminal because of it, businesses cannot get back to normal and peoples mental health is severely suffering. However, Boris Johnson would rather blame everyone else.

In a recent tv interview he attacked care workers for the outbreaks in care homes for not following government policies… when in actual fact it was government policies that were to blame for outbreaks. Policies such as sending care home residents staying in hospitals back to their care homes without being tested for the virus to free up beds and not supplying care workers with proper PPE equipment are the real culprits behind the outbreaks on care homes.

Boris is doing a terrible job at managing the health of economy as well. The UK economy has been absolutely destroyed and is now in the worst recession since records began. But instead of coming up with real ways to stimulate the economy the Tories are spending huge sums of tax payers money on pointless things such as 50% off lunch vouchers in selected restaurants and £1 billion for more job centre work coaches (when have they ever got anyone a real job!?) with no extra infrastructure spending at all.

It is evident that the government has had no clue what to do on anything throughout this crisis.

The longer the virus is in this country and we have to stick to the new normal the worst things are going to get for people.

What do you think?

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Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is a disgrace and should resign!

Boris Johnson is a LIAR and has no honour