Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is a disgrace and should resign!

The Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty is a national disgrace and should resign immediately for his bad advise for the handling of the covid 19 crisis. Thanks to his bad advise and the pathetic leadership of Boris Johnson countless people have died who shouldn’t have of covid 19 and a growing number of people are dying from non covid 19 illnesses each day because they are not receiving the treatment they desperately need.

The slow response and lousy handling at the start of pandemic now means we are in a truly dire situation that could have been so easily avoided if we had better advise and leadership.

Instead of stamping out the virus as soon as the first case or even death was reported lockdown was delayed, delayed and delayed under the advise of Chris Whitty. Months later with thousands dead the virus is still with us and isn’t going anywhere because the virus is now in general circulation. The government under Chris whitty’s so called advise have chosen to ease lockdown too soon meaning that the virus will be with us until a vaccine is found. Now instead of trying to eliminating the virus our government has moved to living with it instead under a new normal.

The easing of lockdown is simply a ploy devised by the government and its advisors to smokescreen their own failings. By easing lockdown it makes it appear to the public that they have got control of the virus and everything can start to open up again as long as people stick to the new normal and social distance from others.

The new normal that Chris Whitty has created should not be accepted. The current situation that the UK finds itself in is costing lives and his plan for this to continue indefinitely is both stupid and abhorrent.

An unprecedented number of people are losing their jobs, with no end in sight, hope is quickly fading for so many.

The longer lockdown and social distancing continues the bigger the affect this crisis will have on peoples mental health. Depression is the biggest killer amongst young men in the UK.

However it is apparent in the TV press conferences that the scientific and medical advisors do not care about the effects this crisis is having upon peoples mental health. With the deputy chief medical officer even joking in one press conference that the lockdown could be a way to test the strength of peoples relationships.

The advisors are not directed by the science but by making the government and themselves look good.

The government and the medical advisors will not and cannot admit when they are wrong. For example like a coward Boris Johnson is now trying to shift blame for the huge death rates in care homes onto the care workers for not following the governments policies correctly. But it is obvious that it is the government and their advisors that should really be blamed. Poorly judged and thought out policies such as sending elderly patients staying at hospitals back to their care homes without being tested for Covid 19 and not supplying care workers with adequate PPE helped spread Covid 19 into care homes. Poorly thought out strategies and management that focus on number and not people has contributed to this crisis.

To the advisors the people who have died are only stats that make them look bad. So they focus on juggling the numbers, choosing who should and shouldn’t be prioritized to get the best figures when in fact they should be focusing on helping everyone because ALL LIVES MATTER. Only then will policy be directed in the way that it should and real positive change will happen. Professor Chris Whitty and his advisors all need to be sacked.

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