The NHS is rubbish

The NHS is rubbish…there I said it, something that just about everyone is thinking but nobody dares actually say.

The fact is that here in the UK we have the largest death rate in the developing world for Covid-19. The NHS should not be applauded for the lousy job that they have done which has wrecked and cost so many people their lives.

From the get go Boris Johnson and his pathetic chief medical and scientific advisors made sure that covid-19 was spread around the UK as much as possible even in care homes. Despite many other countries reacting as quickly as possible to prevent the spread and to stamp out the virus.. our government chose to implement a “delay” phase designed not to save lives but to simply reduce the workload on doctors and nurses at hospitals. With a too little too late lockdown that has done very little to actually get rid of the virus… our country has one of the biggest death rates of covid 19 in the world and our economy is in ruins.

The lockdown has done very little to prevent people getting and dying from the virus. All the lockdown seemed to do was destroy peoples livelihoods, businesses, mental health, and made sure thousands upon thousands of people for other non covid illnesses related illnesses were denied treatment and being pushed to the side in order to “save the NHS” even if it costs them their lives…

If the government and NHS was really that bothered about saving peoples lives they would have got a grip on the CRISIS far sooner and prevented it from spreading in the first place. For example South Korea was one of the first countries outside of China to be effected, they had very little time to plan and prepare unlike the UK but South Korea managed to stop the virus from spreading extremely well so well in fact that they did not even need a lockdown!

It is quite clear through the shambolic and shameful handling of this crisis that both the NHS and the government do not care about the people they are meant to be serving.

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